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There are two challenges that every non-profit organization faces when they begin to market (or advertise) their programs. First and foremost is cost. It is hard for non-profit company to justify taking money from their program and spend it within advertising since those monies can be used to actually perform the services that the organization was actually created to do. Yet advertising is needed to create awareness of the program in order to generate more revenue.

The second challenge is the knowledge and resources to have a professionally designed and maintained website. The organization may find someone who claims they can do websites, but just do not have the experience to create a site that is a professional presence that represents the organization to the world on the Internet. Sometimes these challenges can be so overwhelming that the organization decides to not put up a website or advertise at all, yet they are truly missing out on a potential revenue stream that can help their program strive.

With these challenges in mind, DNS Technology Consultants, Inc. has created YourNonProftitOnline.com, a web site sponsorship Program for Non-Profit Organizations. We are a professional website design and hosting company that can help you face and meet these challenges with our company taking on all of the technical issues and financial burden for your organization.

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Sponsorship Opportunity NF Tiger Invitational
03/30/2011 04:24 AM Category: For Sponsors
Great new sponsorship opportunity, the Newton Falls Tiger Invitational Website. Last year this site generated over 700 new visitors in just one day. This one is going to go fast, so check this out quick!



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